Santa Russ has been portraying the Jolly Old Elf for over 20 years. Santa Russ has been helping the young and the young at heart believe again at Scottsdale Fashion Square since 2010.
You can believe again too.
Santa Russ
You can Believe again
Santa Russ began portraying "Santa Claus" sometime in the late 1980's when the only one around to put on the red suit at the local school was a skinny sophomore in high school. Then someone said, "Hey You're fat and Jolly !! How about playing Santa for the school?" I was bitten by the Santa Bug immediately. 

After that, Santa Russ started portraying "The Jolly Elf" at local churches, schools and community centers in the area. This led to home visits and the occasional office party. In 2007 Santa Russ graduated from the "International University of Santa Claus." Santa Russ became a member of the Red Suit Society, International Brotherhood of Real Beared Santas, Santas across the Globe and The Arizona Santas. 

I have had the pleasure of making memories at Scottsdale Fashion Square since 2010. I hope to have the pleasure of seeing you there and capturing that special moment that will be treasured always.